Worktech the workplace of 2023

Thanks to the wonderful work of the WORKTECH Academy and their partners, we now have some insights for the working world in 2023. How will the office change in 2023? What will be the most important keys for productivity? With this report, we may just have the answer.

In total, there are eight contributors to the report, and they all provide a short essay on ideas, predictions, and scenarios. Today, we’re going to dip our toes into the report. If you have time for a more extensive read, feel free to check out the report here.


In the first essay, Philip Ross from UnWork predicts there are seven main ideas that will ‘reimagine’ the workplace in 2023. For example, Ross starts with social interaction and the office itself becoming a ‘physical reincarnation of social networks’. From here, the discussion moves towards smart buildings, Internet of Things (IoT), apps, the use of smartphones, the end of cable, and, of course, the rise of voice technology.

For businesses, this first short essay could be essential because those who adopt the right technology will beat the competition to important customers. From useful apps to things like storage walls, you can set yourself apart from the rest.


The days of the ‘workplace era’ are over, or so Natalie Slessor from Lendlease believes. Rather than simply choosing an office building, businesses should be creating a space where work and life come together. For employees, they want to enjoy their work more than ever while also making a meaningful contribution to the world.

In the future, work spaces will offer great experiences (with cafes, a storage wall, open spaces, greenery, and maybe even childcare), health, a connection with nature, a sense of family and team, and choice. Employees want more control over their work, and they want their commitments to be respected. Above all, work is a place we choose today, and this is an idea that Slessor investigates beautifully.



Finally, a representative from WORKTECH Academy, Kasia Maynard, has also added their opinion on ‘awe-inspiring workplace design’. In 2023, it’s believed that office design will lean towards the science of awe. What do we mean by this? For one thing, it’s about evoking a sense of wonder and amazement in employees.

For example, biophilia is quickly capturing the imagination of employers and employees alike. According to research, biophilic design can reduce blood pressure, improve short-term memory, boost creativity, and reduce stress. If we need ideas for what works, we need to look towards the largest companies, right? Well, Amazon has embraced the ‘green’ idea not only for productivity but for health and wellbeing too.

Other Essays

We’ve provided an introduction to four of the essays and what they cover, but what about the others?

• BVN - For Laurie Aznavoorian, it’s all about Disruptive Construction Technologies (DTC) in 2023. With parity between the building and the workplace, DTC includes 3D printing, robotics, and space utilisation with ideas such as a storage wall.

• Fourfront - Called ‘The Puzzle of Productivity’, this short essay looks at the role of leadership with regards to productivity. With an active relationship between leadership and design, organisational performance can improve.

• Haworth - Here, you’ll read about the ‘rise of corporate coworking’. From a social movement to a full philosophy inside businesses, we’re seeing the value of these environments when it comes to innovation and productivity.

• Condeco - Finally, John Hilderbrands looks at digital transformation and how this will change in the year ahead. With touchscreen walls outside meeting rooms and various apps and tools everywhere you look, the modern workplace is very different to those in years gone by.

With these eight insights into the modern workplace, you have a great starting point for 2023. If you’re scared of falling behind or not offering employees what they need, take some notes from our list and feel free to explore the PDF some more!


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