Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to their resistant and hygienic surfaces, EURODEKOR® melamine faced boards do not require any special maintenance. The surface is generally easy to clean; this also applies to textured surfaces. The recommended cleaning methods according to the degree of soiling are as follows:


Clean with a paper towel, a soft clean cloth (dry/damp) or a sponge. If using a damp cloth, dry the

surface with an absorbent paper towel or microfibre cloth.


Streaks often form when the surface is cleaned with organic solvents, together with cold water and old cloths. To ensure no streaks occur when cleaning, we recommend wiping the surface down with warm water and

then drying it using normal paper towels or microfibre cloths.


Clean with warm water, a clean rag or microfibre cloth, a soft sponge or soft brush. Use normal

domestic cleaners or soaps that have no abrasive ingredients. Then wipe with fresh water, removing all traces of the cleaning agent, to prevent streaks forming. Dry the surface with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towels. The following cleaning agents should not be used under any circumstances:

  • Scouring and abrasive agents (abrasive powders, scouring pads, steel wool)
  • Polish, washing powder, furniture cleaner, bleach
  • Detergents with strong acids and acidic salts
  • Steam cleaning equipment


Surfaces with a matt finish have a very natural look and feel. The oiled or matt lacquered type finish thus retains the characteristics of the original, solid wood surface. Like high-gloss or solid wood surfaces, a few points need to be considered when using and caring for matt surfaces. As with other synthetic

surfaces, normal soiling is easy to remove. What is important is that the surfaces are only cleaned with a soft, moist cloth.

Under no circumstances must abrasive agents/powder, steel wool, polish, washing powder, furniture cleaner, bleach, acidic cleaning agents or steam cleaning equipment be used. The reason for these precautions is that abrasive cleaners, rough cloths or scouring pads will cause bright patches or

highlights in the surface if applied too vigorously, which damage the surface and are impossible to

remove. Remnants of fat should also be removed as quickly as possible (within 48 hours) as the surface may be damaged if they are allowed to remain in contact with it for too long.


The deeper surface of structures like ST22 may seem to be more critical concerning staining and

potential damage of the surface. However, laboratory tests showed the similar high level of resistance like all other EURODEKOR melamine faced panels. One main reason for this is the placement of the high and low gloss areas. Compared with similar surface structures existing in the market the advantage of the EGGER surface structure realizes a higher resistance against scratches. The cleaning motion should follow the structures direction.


Cupboards should be levelled during initial installation and adjusted when loaded to ensure they remain level. Hinges should be visually inspected to ensure fixing screws are tight and that the

mechanism is working correctly.

Provided that desks are not repositioned, there is no maintenance required to the structure.


The following recommendations are meant as a guideline and intended for office use only. Cabinet

accessories should only be installed by competent experienced persons. To reach inaccessible areas suitable steps should be used. It is the responsibility of the appropriate authority e.g. office manager to ensure that safe step apparatus are used. It is recommended that an on-site risk assessment be carried out before any apparatus are used. Heavier items should be located nearer the bottom of the cabinet to aid easier retrieval. Pull-out file frames should be located and fitted from the bottom of the cabinet up and should be no higher than four units high. When pocket files are required i.e. A4/foolscap

suspension or lateral file pockets the appropriate file frame must be specified and located in the

appropriate location within the cabinet. Pull-out file frames are used with suspension files and should be located from the bottom of the cabinet up. Pull-out file frames must not be used over 1.3 metres high.

Adjustable lateral file frames and combination shelves are used with lateral file pockets. Locating lateral file pockets at low level should be avoided.

No cabinet accessory should be used as a step up aid to reach a higher height within the cabinet.

MFC Shelves – maximum load evenly distributed (applies to 1m shelf) 24Kg.

Plain Steel Shelves – maximum load evenly distributed (applies to 1m shelf) 40Kg.