Open shelving system

NOOX modules have fixed height shelving from 1 level to 5 levels, available in 2 widths. Modules can be stacked to achieve your desired height and capacity. Upholstered seating and media screen modules complement the NOOX range.

Easy Fit Accessories (EFA's) are available to tailor all NOOX modules to suit your needs from doors, drawers, flaps to pigeon holes, lockers and even wine racks are available.


4 Standard widths: 409, 605, 800 & 1191mm
490mm overall depth
From 1 to 5 levels high
Platinum White carcase
Choice of finishes for accessories (doors, drawers etc.)
Modules can be levelled in situ (access from inside shelving) with up to 10mm height adjustment.
(rated up to 300Kg per module)
Fixed height shelving, suitable for A4 or Foolscap files
Suitable for commercial or domestic use
Lots of optional extra’s available

storage shelving


The Noox Perch is a perfect place to take a seat. The unit offers a comfy place to have a quick chat with a colleague, to make a call or read a document. Available in 2 heights (4 tier or 5 tier) Perch modules can be used as stand-alone units or as part of longer runs to break up storage and inject some colour.

Single tier units are the perfect height to create additional seating. We can add upholstered cushions for comfort. Modules can be added side by side and even back to back to create a larger, deeper and more open seating area within the environment.

door storage
tv shelving system

Av Modules

Noox AV modules are an ideal place to fit a media screen (suitable up to 50 inch), for a multitude of uses. These can be used on collaboration areas, receptions, break out areas etc. The integrated concealed cable route helps keep everything hidden and tidy.


Inset doors on concealed hinges offer a chance to add a splash colour, and a place to hide things that you don’t want to display. A full set of doors can convert an open Noox unit into stylish personnel lockers, the perfect place to store your personal belongings in today’s agile work environments. Doors can be a decorative way to keep things out of sight or a secure place to store belongings or files. A versatile range of locking options are available to suit your needs.

door storage
A Nook Drawer Product


Soft close drawer packs are available to add another dimension to your Noox shelving modules, a great place to store bits and bobs out of sight. Drawer fronts can be any plain matte, gloss or a wood grain finish which can be used with vertical or even horizontal grain.
Drawers can have a finger gap for opening without handles (see main image above), or can be more traditional with a handle. Each drawer is a sturdy construction and rated up to 30Kg


Lift up flaps or parallel lift flaps are perfect for high level sections (levels 4 or 5). High quality hinges and lift mechanisms are used to ensure smooth, easy use. Lift flaps can have a finger gap for opening or one of our stylish bar handles, or boss bar handles for operation.

door lift flap
nook insert

Backs and Inserts

Are you looking for open shelving but still want to add a splash of colour or use a beautiful woodgrain? This can be achieved by using a coloured back panel, or adding individual back panel inserts to some or all of the openings. Any Abox finish can be used to enhance this shelving system.
The rear face of Noox shelving can also be enhanced. Several options are available including pin board backs (using Forbo Bulletin Board), dry wipe, magnetic glass and printed graphics or branding.

Pigeon Holes and Dividers

A multitude of pigeon holes, cross dividers, X divides (even a wine rack!) are available to add to your Nook open shelving system to store and display a vast range of items. All divides are simply pushed into position without the need for tools.

pigeon hole storage


Noox lockers are convenient and secure with various locking options such as keys and combination locks, padlocks and coin return, even electronic entry locks with RFID access or fingerprint readers. We also have a selection of stylish handles that come in a range of different length doors and drawers that ensures our products are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.


We offer a wide range of finishes to suit every project, from vibrant, bold colours to premium wood laminates. Mix and match finishes to create personalised designs. We can also produce vinyl printed finishes for your bespoke requirements.

Delivery and installation

Noox shelving is assembled prior to delivery, this allows them to be easily positioned and levelled. Only shelves and EFA’s need to be fitted when units are in place. We highly recommend securing adjacent units together using the supplied connection fittings. Please let us know if you would like your Noox shelving be installed by our trained installers, we will happily add this to your estimate.


Download product images and 2D CAD for the complete Abox range.



Noox shelving has a 5 year warranty (excludes fair wear and tear, and any damage resulting from misuse).