Wild & Wolf

Project Description

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Project Summary
This fantastic project was the culmination of almost a year’s design and development. The project was designed and managed by Interaction of Bath, we worked closely with the designers suggesting and developing our products to realise their specific visions. The project is a fusion of EDGE storagewall and lockers working alongside our NOOX product. Our NOOX product was ideally suited to the brief, offering an optimal combination of storage and display space for Wolf & Wild’s products and developments, as well as providing divides within the office and dual sided usage.

We incorporated functional sliding panels to the NOOX units, offering a variety of peg boards, pin boards and dry wipe panels. The birch ply sliding peg boards and shelving allowed Interaction to add a touch of biophilia in to the office space.

The final result is we created a unique set of smart storage solutions that allowed Interaction to design an agile working space to develop Wild & Wolf’s working culture.

Project Details Client: Interaction Office Design Location: Bath

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