The Design and Evolution of the Storage Wall

In recent times, lots of offices around the country have been embracing the storage wall (or storagewall), and it has proven an efficient and innovative addition to the modern workplace. However, the design may not be as new as you think. Although it’s linked to the ‘modern office’ in order to utilise space more effectively, we’re going to learn today the real history of the storage wall.


Origins of the Storage Wall

Way back in 1944, George Nelson and Henry Wright wrote a concept for a new design for a book called ‘Tomorrow’s House’. Talking about organised storage, it essentially drew up the first ever designs for this clever home addition. ’Life’ managed to publish a story on the storagewall before Tomorrow’s House was even finished. In the article, it was reported that the storage wall had been installed in a New Jersey family home.

Although we don’t know how many were produced originally, the two decades Nelson had spent on the design had finally paid off and the storage wall idea was off the ground.

Evolution - Storage Wall in the Office

Now, over 70 years later, the premise of the storagewall is very much the same…but the available products are very different. For example, the fantastic Apex storage wall by Abox is a brilliant solution for those who need storage in an office that doesn’t lend itself to lots of cabinets and shelving. Of course, this isn’t a surprise considering that George Nelson was an award-winning designer and architect. During his prime, he won the Rome Prize in Architecture and was praised for his work in home furnishings and industrial design.

Today, his work lives on and businesses around the UK can thank his decades of hard work for their efficient storage opportunities. While some offices have the storage solution up against the wall, others use it to divide a room. Either way, it offers storage space where it previously wouldn’t have existed.

How has the storage wall evolved? The goal of saving space and offering additional storage space remains the same, as mentioned, but the products are higher in quality. With Abox, you’ll find plenty of different styles which means that you can choose a wall to suit the style and decor of your office. What’s more, they’re now strong and durable. Once in place, you should have a wall that lasts the test of time (even when used extensively day after day!).

Depending on your need, you’ll find walls with soft close doors (no slamming and potentially damaging the doors and frame), three-point locking, different depths, various internal shelving and accessories, and numerous widths. In truth, it’s hard not to find the perfect storagewall for your business. In fact, there are even designs that allow for coat storage as well as general storage. Now, clients can walk into a clean office space without the unprofessional-looking coat rack.

In a world where office design continues to evolve, the classic ingenuity of George Nelson lives on and has found a place in offices around the world!